• 2 June, 2016


    • Enterprise establishment:

    – Establishing an enterprise, including all forms: joint-stock companies, limited liability companies, partnerships, private enterprises;

    – Establishing branch or representative office, business location;

    – Implementing procedures for change of business registration, etc;

    – Advising and implementing procedures for the purchase, sale, transfer of shares, contributed capital;

    – Advising and supporting enterprises to implement the buying-selling transactions, merger and consolidation of enterprises.

    • Advising on business conditions:

    – Advising and representing the enterprise to perform procedures to apply for the certificate of eligibility for business, sublicenses.

    • Advising on enterprise administration:

    – Assisting the enterprise in editing and reviewing internal documents such as charters and rules of Board of Management, labor rules, regulations and other internal regulations.

    – Advising on legal issues related to business administration and operation.

    – Advising and assisting the enterprises in settlement of disputes arising in the process of capital contribution and share purchase, and managing the enterprise operation between the company and the members/shareholders or among the company members/shareholders.

    • Acquisition, merger, restructure of enterprise:

    – Conducting legal due diligence p of the enterprise;

    – Advising on the transactions, the legal procedures required for implementation;

    – Advising and drafting of documents for implementing the transactions, such as the initial agreement on the conditions of transfer, memorandum of understanding; share assisgnment contract; the written approval of the General meeting of Shareholders, etc;

    – Advising and resolving issues related to debt, tax, labor and other legal issues;

    – Assisting the clients in implementation of the legal procedures necessary to obtain the acceptance/approval of the competent State agencies relating to the transaction.