• Our Mission's Your Succsess


    VN CONSULT provides services of consultation and representation for defending clients’ interests in many areas, this is reflected through the clients that lawyers of VN CONSULT have consulted and provided legal services. VN CONSULT’s clients operate in many different sectors .

    Frequent Legal Consultancy

    With the aim of providing legal advice to assist the clients in the issues relating to business law, we provide service packs of frequent legal consultations to the enterprises.

    Investment Consultation

    VN CONSULT offers advice to help clients to establish and implement investment projects in Vietnam, including: foreign investment projects in Vietnam; domestic investment Projects; and the Projects of overseas investment of Vietnamese enterprises.

    Disputes in Business

    VN CONSULT has represented and assisted the businesses in resolving disputes in many different areas

    VN CONSULT was founded in 2009, managed and operated by qualified and experienced lawyers who have undertaken consultancy for many large domestic and foreign enterprises.

    With years of business travel with , our lawyers understand the difficulties and obstacles that businesses face in the business process

    With our major objective to provide frequent legal consultancy service, legal assistance and accompanying the development of enterprises.

    Ours Services