• 15 December, 2018


    Position: Deputy Director

    Member of Hanoi Bar Association, Vietnam

    Contact: 0903427546


    Lawyer Nguyen Thi Lan Phuong graduated from the Faculty of Law, Hanoi University (now National University) in 1994, currently is a member of the Hanoi Bar Association.


    Before joining VN CONSULT, lawyer Phuong has 09 years work experience in Hung Vuong Law Firm for over 10 year and assumed the position as Head of Legal at IDC Construction Company Limited, Van Phu – Invest Investment Joint Stock Company.

    With 19 years of experience and profound legal knowledge, especially in the field of Investment – Construction – Real Estate business and BT contracts.

    Lawyer Phuong is specialized in the following areas:

    – Advising in the field of procurement, especially of investment and construction projects;

    – Participating in negotiations, drafting of contracts, especially the BT contract and the contract in the field of investment and business real estate projects;

    – Advising and implementing the transactions related to the transfer of real estate projects;

    – Acting as representative to contact the State management agencies (the Ministries, the Hanoi People’s Committee, the Department of Finance, Construction, Natural Resources – Environment, Planning and Investment, Planning – Architecture, etc) to complete investment procedures in the field of real estate (land use rights valuation, approval for investment, approval of the master plan, the site clearance, for land allocation, land lease, construction permits, etc)

    – Advising and assisting the clients to perform the purchase-sale and transfer of real estate; Applying for a certificate of land use rights and assets attached to land;

    – Participating in the proceedings, representing clients in dispute resolution at the Court/Arbitration.

    In the field of Real Estate, lawyer Phuong has consulted and coordinated implementation of investment procedures of projects with a total investment of 400-4000 billion such as: (i) To participate in legal analysis on models and mechanisms for implementation of investment procedures: residential and office for rent project in Tay Ho District (Hanoi), New Urban Area project in Van Phu (Hanoi), Thao Dien project ( HCM), Trung Kinh Home City (Hanoi), project of Public Health University; (ii) advising and supporting Phu Thuong Joint Stock Company in the share transfer of housing area and offices for rent project in Tay Ho District; Advising Van Phu – Invest Company in choosing the type of cooperation and sale negotiation, transfer project of 39-storey building – 02 CT10-11 (Hanoi), project 330 ha – 4 Belt Route (Hanoi)…; (iii) implementing application procedures for granting, adjusting investment certificate: Trung Kinh Home City Project, School and Hospital Project in Van Phu Urban Area, etc; (iv) Implementing application procedures for Decision on assigning the investor, identification and approval of land use right value (1.7 ha land plot at 51 Trung Kinh Street (Hanoi); (v) participating in counseling, drafting and negotiating Build – Transfer (BT) contracts, Business cooperation contracts (BCC) between Van Phu – Invest and the partnership units , etc.

    In the field of BT contracts, lawyer Phuong has consulted, drafted, negotiated, solved legal problems for BT contracts such as BT Contract for construction of Public Security University, BT for construction of Public Health University;

    Lawyer Phuong has always been highly appreciated in undertaken assignments.