• 13 April, 2020


    With the aim of providing legal advice to assist the clients in the issues relating to business law, we provide service packs of frequent legal consultations to the enterprises.

    With such service packs of frequent consultations, we will:

    Offer advice and answer the legal problems arising in the course of business activities of enterprises, especially the issues related to the Enterprise Law, Investment Law, Land Law, Law on Procurement, Construction Law, Civil Law, Labor Law, the tax policies , etc and a number of other specialized laws;

    Revise, assist the enterprises to complete the contracts, rules, internal regulations of the enterprises;

    Consult, represent the enterprises in negotiation, contracting or disputes settlement.

    Frequent consultation is a kind of service bringing many conveniences for the clients, we dignify the connection and relationship between the enterprises and VN CONSULT than the profit purposes. Therefore, the enterprises only have to pay very low fee but the effectiveness and the added value bringing to the enterprises are not small.