• 3 April, 2020


    VN CONSULT has represented and assisted the businesses in resolving disputes in many different areas:

    • Disputes arising from the commercial business contracts, goods distribution contracts, processing contracts;
    • Disputes arising from service and transportation contract;
    • Disputes arising from economic cooperation;
    • Contract disputes in the field of construction, investment and procurement;
    • Disputes arising in area of real estate business field;
    • Disputes over lease contract (office, workshop, machinery and equipments, etc);
    • Debt recovery;
    • Disputes arising from the loan contract, transaction of pledge, mortgage or guarantee;
    • Claims for non-contractual damages;
    • Disputes over intellectual property rights;
    • Disputes relating to the capital contribution, share purchase, business management and administration;
    • Recognition and enforcement of judgments of foreign arbitration in Vietnam.