• 11 April, 2020


    Debt collection is always a problem for businesses. In order to promote production and business activities, the management and collection of debts should be properly paid attention.

    In order to manage debts, in addition to the need for a staff to monitor and collect debts, it is also extremely necessary to ask the debtor to sign a debt reconciliation record and finalize debt data to save the right to sue of the business. In fact, in many cases, enterprises lose their right to initiate lawsuits because they fail to understand the provisions of law related to the statute of limitations for initiating lawsuits to request customers/partners to pay debts of enterprises.

    With a team of experienced lawyers and legal experts, VN CONSULT has provided debt collection service for many businesses and corporations.

    Debt collection service is implemented by VN CONSULT through 02 main steps:

    1. NEGOTIATION: Negotiating to resolve disputes and recover debts is a measure favored by VN CONSULT. Experience shows that many cases have been resolved quickly through the negotiation skills of Lawyers. On the other hand, in parallel with the negotiation, VN CONSULT’s lawyers will support businesses to complete necessary documents, consolidate legal evidence to ensure the interests of businesses in the case of sue at the Court to recover the debt.

    2. LAWSUIT: In case the settlement of liabilities through negotiation fails, Lawyers of VN CONSULT will represent the enterprises to conduct lawsuits at Court or Arbitration (in case the parties choose Arbitration) and the execution of Judicial Procedures after the effective judgment/decision of the Court/Arbitration. During the settlement process, VN CONSULT’s Lawyers will represent clients, request the Court / Judicial Execution Agency to implement provisional emergency measures to distraint and seal the debtor’s assets to ensure judgment enforcement.