• 2 June, 2016


    Advising on legal issues related to real estate is one of the outstanding strengths of VN CONSULT. Our lawyers advise, assist clients in developing investment plans, and applying for project approval and implementing the sale or lease of real estate, in particular:

    • Advising on implementing investment projects of real estate business:

    – Legal Due Diligence on the property project: Based on the knowledge and experience that VN CONSULT lawyers have accumulated, combined with consultation from the concerned competent authorities, VN CONSULT has provided legal opinions to support the clients to choose solutions, forms of investment projects, real estate business;

    – Assisting the clients in relevant administrative procedures to achieve ratification/approval required to implement real estate projects (approval of investment policy, approval of planning solutions, architecture, approval of compensation plans, clearance, land allocation decision, etc);

    – Assisting the clients in the negotiation and signing of the investment contracts, construction contracts to implement the project;

    – Assisting the clients – investors of real estate projects in buying-selling transactions, real estate leasing.

    • Advising on implementation of real estate transactions

    – Reviewing and evaluating the legal documents of the real estate, advising clients plans for implementing transactions, transfer (deposit plan, progress payments, the transaction conditions, etc) to ensure maximum benefits for the clients;

    – Assisting in discussion, negotiation, and drafting of real estate transfer contract;

    – Representing clients in implementing procedures for registration of title transfer, transfer of land use rights and assets attached to land.

    • Real estate mortgage:

    Advising on issues related to real estate mortgage, mortgage, performing transactions during the mortgage, etc.

    • Representing the clients to settle arising disputes

    VN CONSULT lawyers will participate in negotiations, conciliations or participation in court proceedings to resolve disputes arising from investment activities, business cooperation, sale and lease of real estate in order to protect rights and interests of the clients.